Pipeline EXTRA! House changes to Executive Budget update ICF provisions, pull independent provider changes

On April 14, the Ohio House of Representatives introduced the substitute version of House Bill 64 (FY2016-17 Executive Budget). After reviewing the proposed budget and listening to many hours of testimony from individuals, families, and providers, the House Finance Committee made several changes to the Executive Budget. The changes to DODD’s portion include: Revisions to […]

Administration Update: Budget Hearings, Other Forums

Based on the stakeholder feedback regarding changes affecting independent providers, the state is strongly considering extending the implementation of changes by as long as two years. This would allow additional time for individuals and providers to transition to self-directed care, where individuals can continue working with their current providers using Employer Authority. More information about […]

Administration Update: Budget Hearings – Concerns and Support

On March 10 and 17, Ohioans with developmental disabilities, their families, and those who care for them voiced their concerns and their support, regarding the proposed 2016-2017 budget.  In particular, provisions designed to transition residents from large institutional settings to smaller community and home-based programs were in the spotlight. Approximately 65 people testified on March […]