Watch for Changes to Pipeline Next Week

Changes to Pipeline are coming to make it easier for you to get the news you need. Here are few things that are changing:

  • Pipeline will be sent once a week so that you can read important news quickly. It now will come out on Monday instead of Wednesday.
  • A new online calendar will list conferences, events, and training. You can page between months, and click on the item to get the full details. This will replace the PostScripts section of the current format.
  • A shorter, easier to read email format will help you quickly skim the news and see what’s most important to you. A link will take you directly to the full article so you can get more information.
  • A Did You Know feature will share quick facts and statistics.

What won’t change is the type of information you will find in Pipeline. It still will have DODD news, updates on rules, and information about training and events.

The new weekly format will begin Monday, October 19. Watch your email inbox for the new Pipeline!