Save the Date: Strong Families, Safe Communities Virtual Town Hall

Kids in Crisis: Preventing tragedies through earlier intervention Chardin. Sandy Hook. Umpqua Community College. What more can be done to prevent tragedies like these from happening in our communities? One approach that Ohio has successfully implemented is increasing the services that families can engage before they reach a crisis point. Children at risk – those […]

Traumatic Events, Stress and Resiliency Webinar Online Replay

An online replay of the September 18 webinar, Traumatic Events, Stress and Resiliency, is available on the Red Treehouse website. During this webinar, Carol Taylor, educator and trainer with the Franklin County Family and Children First Council, presented some of the basic concepts of the Neurosequential Model developed by Dr. Bruce Perry, including basic aspects […]


Training State-Funded Waivers: SELF Waiver Training – Through November 9 The FY2016-17 Executive Budget adds 3,000 state-funded waivers to begin to reduce Ohio’s waiting list. About 1,000 of those waivers are Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF) Waivers, Ohio’s first participant-directed waiver. Five in-person training sessions will cover the unique aspects of the SELF Waiver. There is […]