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DSPs Make Happy Happen

Direst support professionals (DSP) make happy happen by working with the individuals we serve every day. September 16 marked Direct Support Staff Recognition Day, a day to pause and thank DSPs for all they do. To celebrate the day, the Ohio Association of Direct Support Professionals (OADSP) hosted the 6th Annual Ohio Direct Support Professional Recognition Event on September 16. At the event, DSPs gathered to celebrate each other, and learn tips for living a happier life, reducing stress, and improving their own health and well-being.

Also at the event, graduates from OADSP’s DSPaths program were recognized for earning their Certificate of Initial Proficiency (CIP) or Certificate of Advanced Proficiency (CAP). The CIP requires completion of 60 hours of classroom instruction focusing on the knowledge, skills, and confidence of direct support professionals, and the development of a DSPaths Professional Portfolio to demonstrate mastery of specific skills. The CAP, designed for direct support professionals who have completed the CIP and are interested in attaining a higher level of learning and skills, requires an additional 60 hours of classroom instruction, and the development of a portfolio to demonstrate mastery of specific advanced skills. There is a significant time commitment to earn the certificates, showing graduates’ commitment to improving the lives of the individuals they serve.

DSPaths Graduates

Congratulations to all of the graduates!

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