New Health and Welfare Alert: Transition Planning

Health and Welfare AlertWith any major transition, health and safety needs must be given top priority. A new Health and Welfare Alert – Transition Planning (#44-09-15) – focuses on ways to help individuals safely change providers, services, or settings. The Alert covers what types of changes could require a transition plan, things to know before the transition, things to consider when planning for a transition, and the four steps in making a transition.

Health and Welfare Alerts provide critical information about areas where there is an identified a risk to individuals’ health and welfare. They provide data, resources, and guidance on what caregivers can do to avoid or minimize risk. County Boards and providers are required to review current Health and Welfare Alerts during annual MUI training.

All Health and Welfare Alerts are posted on DODD’s website so individuals, families, providers, and County Boards can easily access them at any time. If you have questions about the Alerts, please contact the MUI/Registry Unit at 614-995-3810.