ICF Pre-Admission Counseling Referral Process – Effective September 29

A change to the Ohio Revised Code designed to ensure individuals considering moving into a large Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) and their families are aware of their options goes into effect September 29.

Admissions as Resident in an ICF/IID in Peer Group 1, (O.R.C. § 5124.68) requires that County Boards complete a new pre-admission counseling process with an individual who is considering moving into a large ICF (nine or more beds). The process is designed to ensure individuals and families are aware of all of their options, and to support individuals and families in making informed choices. It does not prevent an individual who wants to move to an ICF from doing so – the final decision about where to live is up to the individual, parent or guardian.

The pre-admission counseling process:

  • Only applies when individuals are seeking a new admission to a large ICF (nine or more beds)
  • Is not required for individuals transferring from one ICF to another, including transfers from a state-operated Developmental Center
  • Is not required for a person seeking admission to an ICF with eight or fewer beds
  • Is initiated when a large ICF has a current vacancy or anticipates a vacancy within the next six months.

Next Steps

Representatives from County Boards, ICFs, and DODD are in the final stages of creating the process and supporting tools, including a pre-admission referral counseling formguidance document, process flow chart, and a brief training video. These tools will be posted on the training page of the DODD website. Watch for more information throughout the rest of September. To receive updates in your inbox, subscribe to email updates.