New Family Liaison Joins DODD

Hello, I’m Kim Weimer, your Family Liaison. My role is to advocate for you, our families, when DODD is making policy and program decisions, and to be here as a resource for you. I will ensure that families have a seat at the table as we work through all of the changes taking place in the system. I’m also here to help you navigate the system, to connect you with resources, and to help you through change as we work to move Ohio’s DD system forward.

One of the reasons I took on this role is I’m walking through these changes right along with you. I’m a single mom of three – my youngest daughter, Kailey, has been served by the DD system for 23 years, so not only have I been in your shoes, I’m continuing to walk in them. In fact, Kailey is on the Transitions DD (TDD) waiver, and we’re making the transition to another waiver, along with 2,800 other families. This perspective will help me advocate for families, and to understand your concerns and questions.

Aside from my experience as a mom, I have worked in family support for 16 years. Most recently, I was the Parent Consultant with the Ohio Department of Health/BCMH program, where my role was very similar to my role here. It has been a wonderful and challenging experience to work with systems and families across the life course. This experience on the other side of the table will help work with the decision makers on your behalf.

I’m excited that DODD values the family perspective, and has a role dedicated to ensuring that view is represented. I will use my first-hand experience, both as a mom and as a family support professional, to ensure your voice is heard, and to help you and your family.

If you have questions or need help, you can reach me at 614-466-8359 or