Background Checks Made Easier with ARCS

County Boards and providers are required to conduct pre- and post-hiring registry checks of employees, which includes checking six different registries. The Automated Registry Check System (ARCS) makes this process easier by checking all required registries at once, rather than searching six different websites. ARCS checks the following registries:

  • Excluded Parties List System (U.S. General Services Administration)
  • List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (U.S. Office of Inspector General)
  • Ohio Sex Offender and Child Victim Database (Ohio Attorney General’s Office)
  • DODD Abuser Registry Verification (Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities)
  • Ohio Nurse Aide Registry (Ohio Department of Health)
  • ODRC Inmates Database (Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction)

Setting up access to ARCS is easy – follow these steps to set up your access. For more information about ARCS, read the ARCS User Guide.