Senate Changes to Executive Budget

State flag with the words - Blueprint for a New Ohio, Gov. John R. Kasich's Fiscal Years 2016-2017 BudgetOn June 9, the Ohio Senate introduced the substitute version of House Bill 64 (FY2016-17 Executive Budget).

After reviewing the proposed budget and listening to many hours of testimony from individuals, families, and providers, the Senate Finance Committee made several changes to the Executive Budget. Updates on DODD’s portion include:

  • Direct Care Staff Rate Increase: The 6 percent rate increase for Homemaker Personal Care was amended to implement the increase over two years – 3 percent in the first year of the biennium, and an additional 3 percent in the second year.
  • Developmental Center Closure Commission: The language was amended to extend the time the Commission has to provide its report to 90 days (from 30 days), and to require that one member of the Commission be a family member of a person who is living in the Developmental Center.
  • Intermediate Care Facilities Program: The Senate retained most of the amended language that was developed by the Administration and Providers in response to feedback from families.

The Department is closely reviewing the Sub Bill, and the impact of the changes. More details will be included in tomorrow’s edition of Pipeline (please note that tomorrow’s edition may be delayed to ensure the Department has thoroughly reviewed the Sub Bill). You also can review the text of the Senate version of HB 64, as well as the Budget in Detail and Comparison Document created by the Legislative Services Commission.

Next Steps

The next steps in the budget process include:

  • June 9: Public testimony on the Senate Sub Bill begins
  • June 16: Senate Finance Committee vote
  • June 17: Full Senate vote
  • June 19: Conference Committee begins
  • June 24: Conference Committee vote
  • June 25: Senate vote on Conference Committee report
  • June 26: House vote on Conference Committee report
  • June 30: Deadline for the Governor to sign the budget

Please note that dates are tentative, and there may be changes to the schedule.

The Department will continue to share updates as the budget process comes to a close. If you have questions, please call the DODD Budget and Developmental Center Closure Hotline toll-free at 855-611-6446 (OHIO).