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Steinman Says, “Thank You, Pipeline Readers!”

SSIt has been my pleasure to serve you.

Sherry Steinman, creator and editor of the DODD Pipeline publications since the first issue in February 2007, will retire from state employment effective June 1. She says,

“Thank you, Pipeline readers, DODD co-workers, and the vast developmental disabilities community of wonderful people! I will look forward to following your progress from a different vantage point, as I explore new options in a community-based job … just as so many of you are doing. I will carry the message that, ‘Within the heart of each community, everyone belongs,’ wherever I go.”

NOTE: After June 1, your contact for Pipeline will be Kerry Francis: Kerry.Francis@dodd.ohio.gov, at 614-644-0263. In addition, DODD Administrative Assistant Michele Kanode reports that an Open House for Steinman will be hosted on the 12th Floor of the Rhodes State Office Tower on May 28, from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., in room 1240. Contact her at Michele.kanode@dodd.ohio.gov; 614-644-0265.