New Information: Direct Line, Pipeline Quarterly, DODD Website

The system of services for people with developmental disabilities is experiencing a great deal of change. People served by the system want to participate more fully in their communities, and need more options to help make that happen. We must respond to these needs, and effect appropriate changes. Through our new DODD website, a new series of The Direct Line publications, and newest Pipeline Quarterly, we explore many changes.

To help individuals, families, and professionals in Ohio’s developmental disabilities community better understand these changes, DODD Director John Martin has defined several areas of interest based on input from stakeholders. We will address these areas in The Direct Line series of communications. These are briefs on topics such as those bulleted below, distributed March 17. The series of updates will offer an overview of a specific topic, and connect you to more information. Director Martin introduced The Direct Line saying:

“Change can be unsettling, but understanding what is changing and why, and how changes may or may not affect you, can help you prepare for and take advantage of what lies ahead. I hope you find The Direct Line useful in understanding how our system is evolving.”

Issues of The Direct Line will be sent via email, and all issues will be available on our DODD website. If you receive Pipeline, you also are on our list for The Direct Line. If there is a specific topic you would like us to cover, please email

Pipeline Quarterly, winter 2014-15

In late March, DODD published the winter 2014-15 issue of Pipeline Quarterly. Its focus is our future – and explores the question, “What lies ahead for Ohio’s developmental disabilities community?” While there are no pat answers to this question, there is a lot of information and conversation about it. Pending budget language, specific definitions of services and how they may be delivered, and a general look back before we move ahead, are elements in the mix of the many changes currently underway.  Read Pipeline Quarterly, winter 2014-2015 to learn more.

New DODD Website, Feedback Welcomed

The DODD website has been simplified, updated, and upgraded! Look for new features, simplified navigation, and more appealing graphics. Launched last month, the website’s homepage invites you to jump in from your ‘visitor’ point of view: My DODD helps people who receive services find relevant information and answers to their questions; the Individuals and Families section invites site visitors to learn more about services they may need or want, as well as how to begin the eligibility determination process; in the County Boards section, visitors can learn about resources to help ensure quality care, training opportunities, credentialing, and accreditation; and in the Providers area, site users can learn how to become a service provider in Ohio’s DD system, and how to maintain certification. Let us know what you think of the new site by sending an email to