Redesigned DODD Website Launches Today!

EINavigation Simplified … Information Updated … Appearance Upgraded!

In the Individuals & Families section … learn about available services and supports. Get tips on accessing and navigating Ohio’s DD system.

The DODD website has been simplified, updated, and upgraded! DODD has listened to your feedback, and has redesigned Look for new features, a simplified site, and more appealing, cleaner graphics.

The new homepage invites you to jump in from your ‘visitor’ point of view: My DODD will help people who receive services find relevant information and answers to their questions; the Individuals and Families section invites site visitors to learn more about services and supports they may need or want, as well as how to get started in the eligibility determination process; in the County Boards section, visitors can learn about resources to help ensure quality care, training opportunities, credentialing, and accreditation; and in the Providers area, site users will learn how to become a provider in Ohio’s DD system, and how to maintain certification.

Improvements include:

  • Easier access to applications: To access applications such as Medication Administration and Information System (MAIS), click on the Log In button near the top of the screen – you no longer have to click on the gold key icon that was on the previous website.
  • Content for you: A new section, My DODD, has content formatted in a way that may be easier for users with developmental disabilities to access. Content will be added to this section, so check back regularly.
  • Streamlined Content: Content about a topic has been pulled together in a single page, rather than spread out across the site.

Please note: With these changes, some of your bookmarks may need to be updated. The improved navigation will make this easy to do.

The new website can be accessed with assistive technology such as screen readers. Accessibility for users of various screen-reading programs and adaptive devices has been tested, and the upgrades should provide a better overall user experience.

DODD will continue to update and improve the site, so you’ll see more changes over the coming months. To let us know what you think of the new site, and what more can be done to make the site easier to use, send an email to  A new site-user easy reference guide RedesignRefGuide is online now.