Our Future: New Information Resources

As 2015 moves into view, we are moving ahead to several busy months including budget considerations, with Governor John Kasich announcing the biennial budget in early February. In addition, new guidelines from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that redefine reimbursement for waiver services, and discussions around services currently provided in large institutional settings are at the forefront of our work.

A new area on our DODD website, at DODD.Ohio.Gov/OurFuture, offers a preview of work in-process, and addresses changes currently taking place in the statewide DD service system. Look for updated information in the Our Future section including answers to frequently-asked questions regarding systems change, and documents concerning state budget testimony and other matters. In addition, the site soon will be updated with a comment form that can be used to provide feedback on the topics of systems transformation and CMS rule changes. As noted online, we need everyone to be a part of this process. In addition to staying informed, we need everyone – individuals, families, advocates, providers, County Board Staff, and more – to share input. We hope that site users will find the Our Future section of our website to be useful and helpful, and look forward to everyone’s participation in working together.