Administration Update: Budget Considerations, and More

Discussing the overall scope of the upcoming budget, Gongwer News Service and several statewide news outlets recently reported that Office of Health Transformation Director Greg Moody affirmed plans to, once again, introduce Medicaid expansion in the budget — and said the administration also is looking at several policy changes. He stated, “There will be a lot of reforms though. We’re not taking anything for granted. I’m actually excited that we have John McCarthy, (Department of Medicaid) Tracy Plouck (Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services), John Martin (Department of Developmental Disabilities) – all of our directors have some really exciting improvements in all their programs, and it’s going to be a good budget.”

Director Moody also noted that a key element in the overall budget discussions is the concept of personal responsibility in relation to Medicaid and other welfare benefits.

Update from the Office of Health Transformation

OHT recently announced that the Ohio General Assembly has established an Adult Protective Services (APS) Funding Workgroup to set priorities for spending $10 million in one-time money to improve Ohio’s APS system. The workgroup recently reported its recommendations to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS), and the agency will seek authority from the Ohio Controlling Board to distribute the funds. The recommendations support county-level planning that builds capacity to meet APS program requirements, and a statewide infrastructure that supports county APS activities.

HB 483 established the APS Funding Workgroup and instructs the workgroup to investigate programmatic or financial gaps in the adult protective services system, identify best practices currently employed at the county level as well as those that can be integrated into the system, identify areas of overlap and linkages across all human services programs, and coordinate with the Children Services Funding Workgroup at ODJFS. The APS workgroup is charged with addressing this subject keeping in mind the OHT Guiding Principles including value and transparency. A new video about APS in Ohio is available for more information.