News from the Office of Health Transformation

Ohio Hits Home Care Targets One Year Early

In June 2013, Ohio was awarded $169 million in additional federal Medicaid matching funds as a result of the state’s commitment to direct half of all Medicaid long-term care funding to home- and community-based alternatives rather than higher-cost nursing homes and other institutional settings by September 30, 2015.  On September 10, 2014, the Ohio Department of Medicaid announced it had surpassed the spending target one full year ahead of the federal deadline.

The federal award was made under the Balancing Incentive Program, which also requires states to make structural improvements in long-term care, such as a single-point-of-entry system for beneficiaries, conflict-free case management services, and a standardized tool to assess a person’s level of care.  The Office of Health Transformation has posted additional information on their website regarding this accomplishment.