Helping Families Make Informed Choices

To help individuals and their families make well-informed choices about who provides services for their family member, DODD now is posting provider compliance reports on the Department’s website. This new feature was part of DODD’s request in the state’s Mid-Biennium Review bill (HB 483) to make information about providers readily available.

“Determining who should provide care for your family member is an important decision, and there are many considerations,” said Kate Haller, deputy director of the DODD Division of Legal and Oversight, responsible for provider compliance. “Having the reports readily available will help families have more information when they’re making those decisions.”

Compliance reviews may be completed on a one-, two-, or three-year cycle, said Kelly Mosely-Miller, assistant deputy director of the Office of Provider Standards and Review (OPSR). OPSR manages the compliance review process and conducts compliance reviews. The reviews are designed to ensure providers comply with all federal and state regulations, including Medicaid requirements. They also are an opportunity to work with providers to help them improve.

“A lot goes in to serving individuals in a complex system, and it’s not uncommon for a provider to have citations during a compliance review,” said Miller. She added,

Our team is here to help providers identify any issues and develop a plan to correct them. This process improves the experience for the individuals we serve, and helps providers strengthen their businesses.”

The reports are posted in the Provider Search feature on DODD’s website.  Provider Search includes a complete overview of a provider, including what services a provider is licensed to offer, the compliance review report, the expiration date of their current license, and contact information.

Reports for 2013 and 2014 currently are online, and new reports will be posted as they are completed. Reports for 2012 and earlier are available by request, but will not be posted online.

County Boards and providers are encouraged to let families know about this new tool. Information will be posted on the home page of DODD’s website, and tips on accessing the reports will be posted on the Provider Search page.

Reviewing Compliance Reports

Follow these steps to access the online compliance reports:

  1. Go to the Provider Search feature on DODD’s website.
  2. Complete the online form. If you are looking for a specific provider or service, you can narrow your results by location, service, and provider name. A few tips: To return all providers that meet your criteria, not just those who have capacity to accept new individuals.  If you are looking for a compliance report for a specific facility, you will need to search under the provider’s name, not the facility name.
  3. Click “Search” at the bottom of the page, and your results will appear.
  4. If the provider had a compliance review in 2013 or later, the report will be listed in the second column, “Compliance Report” – you will see a PDF icon.
  5. Click on the icon, and the compliance report will open. You can read the report online. To print the report, click on tools (“>>”) in the upper right corner of the report and select “Print.”
  6. Return to your current search or start a new search by clicking on the buttons above the compliance report.

If you are unable to find the report you are looking for, please contact the Office of Provider Standards and Review at 614-466-6670.