DODD Responds to Disability Rights Ohio

To best serve Ohio’s citizens with developmental disabilities, DODD continuously works with stakeholders across Ohio, and readily accepts feedback from the many advocates that have an interest in our community. Recently, DODD received a letter from one such advocate, Disability Rights Ohio (DRO), outlining concerns about the status of Ohio’s DD system. We wanted to share an update on where we are in the process of responding.

We responded to DRO on July 31.  In his response to DRO, Director Martin notes that, while we disagree with DRO’s findings, both organizations share a similar vision for supporting individuals with disabilities. DODD, the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation, and the Ohio Department of Medicaid plan to meet with DRO to discuss their concerns in detail, and to share more information about the work underway, including the Strategic Planning Leadership Group and the CMS Transition Plan work group.

Working collaboratively with our partners, including DRO, will help us achieve our common goal – helping Ohio’s citizens with developmental disabilities to live and work as integrated members of the community.

We will continue to keep you in the loop on our strategic planning process.