SELF Waiver, Year Two – Opportunities for Many

At the two-year anniversary of the Self Empowered Life Funding (SELF) waiver, effective July 1, 2012, has been marked by success in several counties, with a total of 285 enrolled on the waiver as of June 30, 2014. Individual successes, marked by offering different services and more self-directed services, have been shared in articles published in Pipeline Quarterly, Spring 2014.

Chris Hart has utilized SELF Waiver service options in setting up his embroidery business in Clermont County. He explained that the work opportunities offered under the waiver are especially important to him …

Chris Hart“Because I can’t stand for a long time – my legs aren’t strong – I need to have work I can do sitting down. And, I need to make money.  I’m 35 – I need to make money!”

The Office of Medicaid Development and Administration (MDA) reports at adults enrolled on the waiver are using a wide array of flexible, participant-directed service options, and families of children with intensive behavioral needshave new opportunities for various clinical/therapeutic interventions that improve a child’s independence and inclusion in their community.

During the past year, DODD has provided training and technical assistance on the SELF waiver and its many unique aspects to County Boards of DD and other service providers, families, and individuals. The statewide training emphasizes that SELF waiver participants have the authority to make decisions about their waiver services and accept responsibility for taking a direct role in managing those services, including budgets. More information is provided in the SELF Waiver Handbook.