Pipeline Extra: Letter from Disability Rights Ohio

On Tuesday, July 1, Disability Rights Ohio sent the attached letter outlining their concerns with the status of Ohio’s developmental disabilities system. We wanted to share a copy of this letter with you.

DODD is committed to improving the lives of Ohio’s citizens with developmental disabilities. To help identify what Ohio’s system of services and supports should look like in 10 years, DODD convened a work group to study in-depth the strengths and challenges facing Ohio’s developmental disabilities system, and to learn what has proven successful in other states. The work group – known as the Strategic Planning Leadership Group – is made up of representatives from various stakeholder groups, including self-advocates, family members, private providers, County Boards of DD representatives, and DODD staff.

The Strategic Planning Leadership Group is developing recommendations about the future of Ohio’s system. The work group anticipates making final recommendations by December. The group has received a copy of Disability Rights Ohio’s letter, and will take that information into consideration when developing these recommendations.

We welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with our partners, including Disability Rights Ohio, in pursuit of our common goal – helping Ohio’s citizens with developmental disabilities live and work as integrated members of the community.

We will continue to keep you in the loop on our strategic planning process.