Health and Welfare: MUI Annual Report Highlights

The DODD Division of Legal and Oversight’s Major Unusual Incident (MUI) and Abuser Registry Unit has published an Annual Report, which includes a variety of information and specific data regarding the health and safety of individuals served by Ohio’s DD system.

MUI Annual ReportAll MUI/Registry Unit Annual Reports since 2005 are at the Health & Safety tab at

The report was developed using data compiled from the Incident Tracking System (ITS) for the calendar year. Information highlights some of the challenges that individuals with disabilities faced during the year regarding health and welfare concerns, as well as reports on the work of providers, County Boards of DD, and DODD staff in providing ongoing supports to address these health and safety concerns.

DODD Assistant Deputy Director Scott Phillips and the MUI Unit staff thank all who work so diligently to protect those we are entrusted to support. Phillips stated, “The Ohio system is comprehensive and requires cooperation and teamwork to gain positive results. When all facets of the system work well together, the benefits to those we support are immeasurable. The collective commitment of Ohio’s developmental disabilities community to continuous quality improvement has allowed the state to remain at the forefront of effective health and safety systems for people with disabilities.”

One of the many findings noted in the Report is that falls continue to be the number one cause of reported Significant Injuries… followed by other accidents, behavioral incidents, and seizures. Since falls are not a normal part of the aging process and, in most cases, are preventable, DODD is a partner in the Steady U Ohio initiative, (, a statewide collaboration of businesses and government agencies that aims to increase awareness around how to prevent falls. It is estimated that an older Ohioan sustains a fall-related injury every five minutes, resulting in two hospitalizations each hour, an emergency room visit every eight minutes, and three deaths each day.