Data Warehouse: New Information and Improvements

Data Warehouse graphicAs DODD Director John Martin stated when the Data Warehouse was launched, “Data-driven decision-making is the key to making responsible fact-based decisions that strengthen Ohio’s developmental Disabilities system.”

DODD has added several improvements and updates to the Data Warehouse. An online storehouse of information launched in 2013, the Data Warehouse has been a welcome system-wide advance, offering users access to a broad range of data. Its usage can help to clarify trends, more easily spot comparisons, and generally simplify the system.

Data may be extracted daily, weekly, or monthly from a variety of DODD information applications that support business processes. Once extracted, data can be restructured and supplemented with data from other applications and sources. The data then may be used to generate reports and queries, conduct analyses, and otherwise structure information.

New Features

Taking the next steps in the process, a new Data Warehouse Homepage ( has been launched. New features include a clean and simple design with fewer steps needed to find what users are seeking; a searchable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) forum; and, a Getting Started page for new users. All of the content is publicly accessible, and the moderated FAQ forum allows users to post and reply to other users. Learn more about the forum online.


During the past year, DODD Medicaid Development and Administration staff, including Hope McGonigle, Laurel Geist, and Quyen Huynh, have trained Data Warehouse users at several locations around the state. They report that now all 88 counties have at least one user, accomplishing a goal of 100 percent county participation.

Registration for general new-user training is open for the summer, with monthly trainings in Columbus. Training registration information and webinar topics are available at the Data Warehouse training page (

DODD continues to respond to stakeholder requests for online resources, and welcomes input on the new Data Warehouse features. Comments and ideas from users will continue to drive additional updates to the system.