Pipeline Re-formatted, Re-Energized Per Reader Input

Pipeline has been the Department’s traditional, ongoing news outlet since February 2007, and was ready for a facelift. In April, readers were asked for feedback about the publication. Hundreds of interesting and helpful responses were received, and have shaped a new format for Pipeline.

Readers reported that they:

  • Want to know what is going on in the DD community throughout the state and nation, not just in their local community;
  • Like shorter articles with high-level details and a link to more information;
  • Like photos with short captions; and,
  • Nearly always take time to review each issue when it is received.

Based on that feedback, Pipeline will feature a new format beginning with today’s edition. The new format streamlines the way information is offered, delivers information in a more flexible format, and offers better insight on what articles are being read so future content can be focused on what interest readers. The new format offers several features.

  • Readers will receive an email with a short description of all articles, and a link to the complete articles.
  • The full articles will be listed on DODD’s website by date, where they can be easily viewed, searched, and shared.
  • Articles will have Categories and Tags that make it easy to find all news about a certain topic. Categories provide a helpful way to group related posts together, and to quickly tell what a post is about. Tags further define content within a specific category.
  • You can use Categories and Tags to quickly search for content. For example, clicking on the Category “Legislation” will bring up all articles about legislative activity. Clicking on the Tag Health and Safety will bring up all related articles, including today’s article on the MUI Annual Report.

As future issues of Pipeline are distributed, these features will become more useful. Previous issues of Pipeline still will be available online in the former format.

Ongoing feedback will help shape future issues of Pipeline. If you would like to weigh in on today’s first issue of the redesigned format, please send an email to sherry.steinman@dodd.ohio.gov. As always, thank you for reading Pipeline!